Spill Bully Drip Tray

Spill Bully Drip Tray

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Eliminate messy granular sorbents and outdated metal pans by using the self weighted Spill Bully Drip Tray, a portable containment system perfect for minor oil drips and leaks. Composed of a replaceable absorbent pad encased in a heavy duty vinyl shell, the Spill Bully Drip Tray provides two layers of protection for oil drips and leaks. A UV stabilized mesh layer protects the absorbent pad from degrading in the sun. The Spill Bully Drip Tray’s thin design makes it a perfect product to have on hand to use immediately whenever drip containment is warranted.


  • Flexible design to withstand vehicle rollover
  • Absorbent mat repels water and soaks up only-oil and oil-based fluids
  • Outer shell is tear and UV resistant
  • Pocket and mesh overlap to secure pad in place
  • Self-weighted to avoid wind movement
  • Dimensions → 2’ x 2’ and 4’ x 4’ trays available


Product Features

  • Durable, Flexible Design
  • Replaceable absorbent pillow
  • UV resistant shell
  • Oil-only pillows repel water
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Rugged heavy-duty design

Spill Bully traveled the globe to find the best absorbents in the world, partnering with Green Ocean in Europe, to source all-natural absorbents made from lava rock (basalt) fiber. Lava Rock is an abundant mineral, constantly replenishing itself and thus making it a truly sustainable solution.

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