Pronto Flood Bags for Water Absorption

Pronto Flood Bags for Water Absorption

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The Spill Bully Flood Kit is your first line of defense against excess water.  Designed and patented by Spill Bully, each Flood Kit contains our patented Pronto technology. It’s a multi-functional solution, both absorbing water for mitigation and also acting as a barrier to divert water.


  • Fully Reusable with a 1-year shelf life
  • Can be reactivated with rain, over and over
  • Non-toxic filler, remains inside without leakage
  • No Slimy residue like others on the market
  • Surface is dry within minutes
  • Weighs 1.3lbs dry, absorbs up to 30lbs per sack
  • Easy to store → stack (36) bales/pallet inactivated


Product Features

  • Reusable (1year shelf-life)
  • Water activated
  • Maintains size, shape and weight
  • Easily stackable 
  • Fast-acting absorption
  • Forms a tight seal

Spill Bully traveled the globe to find the best absorbents in the world, partnering with Green Ocean in Europe, to source all-natural absorbents made from lava rock (basalt) fiber. Lava Rock is an abundant mineral, constantly replenishing itself and thus making it a truly sustainable solution.

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