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The Hornet's Nest Drain Inlet Filter keeps your jobsite in compliance and offers the peace of mind to know that your drains are covered. Using a one-size-fits-all approach, the Hornet’s Nest includes a catch basin insert with a cut-to-size installation process. With an oversized yet trimmable skirt, you can install on a variety of inlet sizes and simply cut away the excess material. It is lightweight and foldable, making for easy transportation and storage.


  • Outer Material → High density polyethylene, polythread (4) lock stitching
  • Strapping → Weather resistant 2" polypropylene webbing
  • Lightweight - easy to install and maintain
  • Filtering pillows available for capturing hydrocarbons
  • Overflow portal prevents flooding
  • Catch basin pouch captures sediment and debris

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Product Features

  • Fully Reusable - Just rinse off and reinstall
  • Works with circle, square, and rectangle drain grates
  • High visibility straps increase awareness
  • UV Rating - 85% with 364º flammability point
  • Flexible for easy storage - Store 32/pallet
  • Standard sizes - 3’x4’ and 5’x5’
  • Customizable and cost effective

Product Specs…

Spill Bully traveled the globe to find the best absorbents in the world, partnering with Green Ocean in Europe, to source all-natural absorbents made from lava rock (basalt) fiber. Lava Rock is an abundant mineral, constantly replenishing itself and thus making it a truly sustainable solution.

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